Art Market Coming Up

Maoli Arts Month, otherwise known as MAMo, has teamed up with WAG to present the Waimea Artists’ Guild 2012 Native Hawaiian Arts Market. This is one of many MAMo events this year. For more on what they’re doing to promote Native Hawaiian art and culture click here.

The blessing is at at 9:00 on Saturday, May 12, and the vendors will be open for business at 10:00.

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Merrie Monarch

With the exception of Harinani, the Merrie Monarch Invitational Hawaiian Arts Fair was the first time any of us had participated in something of this magnitude. I think the concensus was that it was fun and worth the effort. Thanks to all the WAG members who participated and supported us and thanks to Aunty Jenn and the lovely Beth for the organizational and aesthetic support.

Three days before the event we were offered a second booth catty corner to our original booth which allowed more of us to spend more time at the event. Participating Waimea gang members included Uncle Toma Barboza, Ida Hanohano, Barbara Scarth, Geoffery Munson, Beau Jack Key, Tom Mehau, Keanuenue Roldan, and the ever itinerant Mathew Kema. We were blessed to be joined by the beautiful and always inspiring Harinani Orme, who flew over from Oahu with boxes of original paintings and prints as well as a good deal of credibility to lend to our motley crew. And it was wonderful to have Aunty Sabra Kauka and Aunty Fran Sanford stop in for a visit to make it like a real HOEA reunion.

Good Job everybody!

Keanu, Hari, Tom, Geoff, Beau, Jenn and Ida
Geoff, Barb and Beth
Learning from the master
A real class act
The famous toe lash technique
The things this woman put up with for four days…
Me and our old friend Al Harrington, patron of the arts.
And then there was Beau…
Me and Harinani with the original pioneer, Rocky Jensen.
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Bless This Guild

I had some thoughts about what we’re doing here after reflecting on the events of the night and looking at these pictures. No matter what becomes of these efforts and what success we may or may not enjoy as individual artists or as a group, what I’m most aware of is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what has passed so far and for the people who have helped bring it about.

So many have worked so hard to create programs and environments to support artists; and for me personally most of it passed right under the radar. It wasn’t until I stumbled into the doors of HOEA that I began to feel the excitement of participating with others in an area that for me was very isolated. My thanks go out to all those in the community who have guided me and helped me to take part in the creation of this new leg in the journey.

Without HOEA I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet some of these people. I don’t know if I could have appreciated the value of collaboration that led to the launch of the Waimea Artists’ Guild. Without the generosity and support of the KHF Board of Directors (the entity behind HOEA) we wouldn’t have the equipment that we use in this facility to create our pieces and for that we are truly grateful.  Thanks to their generosity, we are able to support not just our members, but the community.   The community has already come to our doors before we even finished cleaning house, participated in the classes we’ve offered, and walked away with new ways to foster their own creative expression.

There are too many people to name and, in my ignorance of past efforts and events, I know I would be slighting someone whose work was essential to us being where we are now. It’s more than the equipment, or the space, or the name, or even the pieces that we produce that makes me feel so overwhelmed. It’s the people that we’ve had the privilege to work with on this journey that makes it worthwhile.

So, that being said, whew, Friday night was just wonderful. Reverend Virginia Barnes of West Hawaii Center for Spiritual Living Church in Waikoloa and Lanakila Mangauil a very special young cultural practitioner from Hamakua blessed the studio and everyone present with the intention of great success. The weather was perfect, the food was great, the music was smooth, and the crowd of people who came out to show their support was very generous and kind. WAG member Ti deL’abre, with some brave and willing accomplices (my mother among them), spent many uncomfortable hours on the cement floor carefully laying individual flowers down to create our spiritually centering mandala to help further our intention for a creative and fulfilling success in the future. The space was immaculate thanks to Jennifer Bryan’s long hours of scrubbing and decorating. Between her and Waimakalani Iona’s focused direction they were able to wrangle us misfits into shape and put on a beautiful party.

Thanks to the amazing Sarah Anderson, for photographing the event and providing us with these photographs (the good ones); to Danny Toft and his friend Marcelino who provided us with a lovely soundtrack to the evening; to Baker Tom who made the incredible coconut cake; to all the Guild members who helped prepare the space – Barbara and Geoffrey, you especially; to our very patient landlords, Glen and Cynthia Lindsey; to James, my brother from another mother, steadfast as ever; and to my beautiful wife Beth without whom, in my opinion, none of this would have happened.

Sure felt good to hang this guy up.

The center of the mandala.

Getting all holy and stuff.

Sister Ti and her creation.

Reverend Virginia and Lanakila

The Blessing

A shot in the dark.

Verna, Lanakila, Beth, Rev. Virginia, Me, Jen and Wai.

Kauanoe, Aunty BJ, Verna, Ida ansd Beth

Wai and Jen

Danny Toft


Dave Roberts and Marcelino jamming in the print shop.

Dave and Michael, our brothers from the frozen north.

Puaʻala, Barbara and Ti

Miss Phyllis, Me, Beth and Puaʻala

Me and my nephew Alex

Thanks Everybody!





Ohana in the Arts Night…

Our first Ohana in the Arts Night was a great success last Friday. Geoffrey Mundon has a knack for making the printing process very user-friendly to those who’ve never tried it. He showed both classes (the little ones met first, followed by older kids and adults) how they could make beautiful prints using homemade or found materials. Fun was had by all and Aunty Jen even fed us.

Ohana was the perfect word for it…

Geoff working with the little kids.

Geoff could relax with the older guys. Even Gramma was in there printing!

You can print with anything, like soda cans, styrofoam plates, and bushes.

We’re trying to get it together as far as a calendar goes. We’ve got classes scheduled for the next few months, including wood carving, picture matting, and oil painting. My challenge is making a cool looking calendar and sticking it where it belongs on this site. Like I said in an earlier post, any technical assistance would be appreciated.

With our budget, he gotta be small kine manuahi la’dat.

Keep checking in though. I’m pretty sure I can get it…


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Keep Coming Back…(it’s supposed to work)

Have patience friends. It’s par for the course. Three days ago I barraged everybody I know (and then some) with an invitation to our grand opening this coming Friday, March 16, complete with contact information and a website to visit. Of course I’d just purchased the domain name that morning, which in this case meant that when the invites went out, the website was still at least 24 hours from even being viewable. Let alone having any content.

Then I spent the last day and a half trying to figure out how this thing works and how to make it look halfway decent.

So it’s all form and no content. For now anyway.

But like some friends of mine like to say, “Keep coming back…”

Oh, by the way here’s  the invitation…

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Waimea Artists’ Guild is online

We just got up and running. Well right now we’re kind of limping. Anybody wants to come and offer some technical advise is more than welcome. But we are online and there will be content soon.