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Art Market Coming Up

Maoli Arts Month, otherwise known as MAMo, has teamed up with WAG to present the Waimea Artists’ Guild 2012 Native Hawaiian Arts Market. This is one of many MAMo events this year. For more on what they’re doing to promote … Continue reading

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Merrie Monarch

With the exception of Harinani, the Merrie Monarch Invitational Hawaiian Arts Fair was the first time any of us had participated in something of this magnitude. I think the concensus was that it was fun and worth the effort. Thanks … Continue reading

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Bless This Guild

I had some thoughts about what we’re doing here after reflecting on the events of the night and looking at these pictures. No matter what becomes of these efforts and what success we may or may not enjoy as individual … Continue reading


Ohana in the Arts Night…

Our first Ohana in the Arts Night was a great success last Friday. Geoffrey Mundon has a knack for making the printing process very user-friendly to those who’ve never tried it. He showed both classes (the little ones met first, … Continue reading

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Keep Coming Back…(it’s supposed to work)

Have patience friends. It’s par for the course. Three days ago I barraged everybody I know (and then some) with an invitation to our grand opening this coming Friday, March 16, complete with contact information and a website to visit. … Continue reading

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Waimea Artists’ Guild is online

We just got up and running. Well right now we’re kind of limping. Anybody wants to come and offer some technical advise is more than welcome. But we are online and there will be content soon. Promise…