Ohana in the Arts Night…

Our first Ohana in the Arts Night was a great success last Friday. Geoffrey Mundon has a knack for making the printing process very user-friendly to those who’ve never tried it. He showed both classes (the little ones met first, followed by older kids and adults) how they could make beautiful prints using homemade or found materials. Fun was had by all and Aunty Jen even fed us.

Ohana was the perfect word for it…

Geoff working with the little kids.

Geoff could relax with the older guys. Even Gramma was in there printing!

You can print with anything, like soda cans, styrofoam plates, and bushes.

We’re trying to get it together as far as a calendar goes. We’ve got classes scheduled for the next few months, including wood carving, picture matting, and oil painting. My challenge is making a cool looking calendar and sticking it where it belongs on this site. Like I said in an earlier post, any technical assistance would be appreciated.

With our budget, he gotta be small kine manuahi la’dat.

Keep checking in though. I’m pretty sure I can get it…


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