Merrie Monarch

With the exception of Harinani, the Merrie Monarch Invitational Hawaiian Arts Fair was the first time any of us had participated in something of this magnitude. I think the concensus was that it was fun and worth the effort. Thanks to all the WAG members who participated and supported us and thanks to Aunty Jenn and the lovely Beth for the organizational and aesthetic support.

Three days before the event we were offered a second booth catty corner to our original booth which allowed more of us to spend more time at the event. Participating Waimea gang members included Uncle Toma Barboza, Ida Hanohano, Barbara Scarth, Geoffery Munson, Beau Jack Key, Tom Mehau, Keanuenue Roldan, and the ever itinerant Mathew Kema. We were blessed to be joined by the beautiful and always inspiring Harinani Orme, who flew over from Oahu with boxes of original paintings and prints as well as a good deal of credibility to lend to our motley crew. And it was wonderful to have Aunty Sabra Kauka and Aunty Fran Sanford stop in for a visit to make it like a real HOEA reunion.

Good Job everybody!

Keanu, Hari, Tom, Geoff, Beau, Jenn and Ida
Geoff, Barb and Beth
Learning from the master
A real class act
The famous toe lash technique
The things this woman put up with for four days…
Me and our old friend Al Harrington, patron of the arts.
And then there was Beau…
Me and Harinani with the original pioneer, Rocky Jensen.
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