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Beau Jack Key





Here's Beau working on the dozens and dozens of tiny slivers that went into making his bracelets


The finished product.

Beau with his blue ribbon, the well-deserved fruit of his labor.

5 Responses to Beau Jack Key

  1. Coach Lovejoy says:

    what up boy, you know you better email coach back or your gonna run baselines. :)

  2. Jenny says:

    Contact info for Beau? Questions about a bracelet.

  3. Bob Gettemeier says:

    Amazing artistry and craftmanship. Proud owner of Beau’s artwork!

  4. Julie says:

    Awesome Beau! Keep up the beautiful work!

  5. Lynnett tohara says:

    Wow, great too see you after all these years, and what a pleasant surprise to see you so accomplished!!! You’ve done good:) sorry didn’t have much time to really see your work but would love to see more. You get one store?

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