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Barbara Scarth

Barbara Lee Kuuleilani Benham Scarth grew up on the island of Oahu.  Her schooling at Kamehameha Schools afforded Barbara a firm foundation in the visual and performing arts.  After living on the continental US for many years, she now resides in Waimea on the island of Hawaii.

Barbara has taught art at the elementary and secondary levels, worked with community organizations to promote visual and performing arts, and she created a successful ceramics and pottery business in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The recent highlight of Barbara’s artistic life has been her participation in the 2011 session of HOEA in Waimea.  The instruction and mentoring provided by  world class artist/kumu and the program’s roots in Hawaiian culture kindled Barbara’s artistic instincts.  Her commitment to perpetuating native Hawaiian art through her own expression and through education has been deepened by this experience.

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  1. mei Lin says:

    so call me already! I’ve been working in my garden and putting a slideshow together in my mac. I have an idea or 2 about get togethers. 966 6076…

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