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Tom Mehau

Tom Mehau is an artist from the Kamoku-Kapulena Hawaiian Homesteads near Kamuela on Hawaii Island. He is best known for his highly detailed pen and ink renderings, some of which can be seen in P.F. “Ski” Kwiatkowski’s book The Hawaiian Tattoo. While attending the HOEA arts program for Native Hawaiians in 2010, he made a natural transition into small-scaled carving under the tutelage of Maori Master Carver Stacy Gordine. His attention to line, form and detail has extended smoothly into this new medium. He is the co-founder of the Waimea Artists’ Guild, an association of professional artists whose intent is to produce art and promote education in their community.

Tom is a long time resident of Waimea, where he lives with his wife Beth and three of their six daughters.

5 Responses to Tom Mehau

  1. Aʻiaʻi Bello says:

    mahalo for maintaining website I actually had a comment.How cool is that? I guess youʻre at Merrie Monarch. Momi and mahina Jensen are supposed to have a booth together. Wish I was there

    • Daniel says:

      Monarch Crafts Fair. We spoke about the live in the na’au t-shirt and other recovery sagyins (this, too, shall pass).Will look you guys up when in Waimea. Aloha.David Shaw and Tom Kane, Wailuku (Iao Valley), Maui

  2. David Shaw says:

    A pleasure to meet you @ Merrie Monarch Crafts Fair. We spoke about the “live in the na’au” t-shirt and other recovery sayings (this, too, shall pass).

    Will look you guys up when in Waimea. Aloha.

    David Shaw and Tom Kane, Wailuku (Iao Valley), Maui

    • Tom Mehau says:

      Yes brothers it was good to meet you guys also. Any friend of Billʻs…
      After talking to you I thought maybe I should make those shirts available online. Iʻm working on that when I have time but itʻll be on my website ( until our shop gets a site up and running. All this blogging and whatnot is very new to me, but Iʻm having a good time.
      Definitely come see us in Waimea. 5:30 Saturdays – meeting right in the Guild workspace.

  3. Charles k says:

    Hey cuz saw some of ur carving and art on site . Man you are good your talented looks like every think is made with the heart. Just want to say happy new year and lots of love to you and family tell mom and dad and everyone I said hi and all that good stuff . Call or e mail me .ask Rudy for my number. Talk to you soon. Your cuz C.k.

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