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Eliza Cahill

Eliza Cahill is a third generation artist that moved to Hawai‘i to be closer to the raw source of natural elements on the Big Island. Her inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty and Mana found here as well as her fascination with native spirituality, mythology and primitive god/goddess worship.She says of her artistry: “My art is an attempt to express the personal experience of inspiration, passion and God.”

As an emerging artist, Eliza studied classical European sculpture, ancient Egyptian art, and primitive religious iconography. She was blessed with talented mentors from youth. Her father, Scott Cahill, is a professional oil painter and from a very young age taught Eliza the basic principles of art, and encouraged her to explore different mediums. As a teen, Eliza apprenticed under modern art professor John P. Slavonic, and James Robbins Gardiner (the sculptor that won an Oscar in 1974 for his short film “Closed Mondays,” and pioneered the effect of clay-mation).

She recently joined the Waimea Artists’ Guild (WAG) and is enthusiastically pursuing her career as an artist.

(Ed. note: And Waimea Artists’ Guild is glad of it…)

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